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By - ZsClarc

You could recreate this man’s highly detailed ‘Lord of the Rings’ marathon menu

Lembas bread, Denethor’s feast, you name it .

Image: Pierre Vinet/ New Line Cinema/ Kobal/ REX/ Shutterstock

Second breakfast. Elevenses. Luncheon. Afternoon tea. Dinner. Supper.

It was all consumed by one dedicated Lord of the Rings fan, who made a themed 14 -course menu that reflects the food eaten by characters in Peter Jackson’s epic film trilogy — and it was all for an important reason.

UK writer Nate Crowley commemorated one year since his father passed away with a back-to-back marathon of all three films from The Lord of the Rings — paired with a 14 -course menu reflecting exactly what was feed on screen.

Teaming up with a friend for the marathon, Crowley posted images of every course, interpretings of everything from Elven “lembas bread” to Denethor’s “grim dinner.” Here’s the menu, and LOTR fans, prepare to be seriously impressed( and likely use this a guide for your next marathon .)

Crowley even picked out administrator Peter Jackson’s cameo, where reference is snacks on a carrot as a villager of Bree.

Of course, Crowley heralded scene in which Uruk-hai make a meal out of a disobedient Orc.

It maintenances running, with nods to the salted pork from the Isengard storages, Denethor’s epic feast, and Crowley includes some genuinely heartwarming personal tributes to his dad.

Honestly, this kind of attention to detail is where large-scale, immersive, multi-sensory pop culture events get started.

But of course, it was more than only a fun thing to do, and Crowley’s adherents shared their appreciation for his commemorating event.

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