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You Can Donate To Planned Parenthood By Drinking This Canned Wine, So Cheers

If you are a true self-proclaimed wino, odds are you have tried( or are willing to try) just about any kind of wine you can get your hands on. Wine from a bottle? You are all in. Wine from a box? Reminds you of college, so of course, you’re into it. Wine from a can? Sounds very practical so you’re probably into that suggestion, too — but what if I told you that said canned wine has a philanthropic angle? That’s right, you can now donate to Planned Parenthood by boozing “Get It Girl” wine by Underwood, and here’s how.

First, psyche over to Union Wine Company’s website and find a retailer near you that sells Underwood canned wine. If you are unable to find a retailer near you, you can also merely ordering immediately online straight from Union Wine Company’s website and get yourself a four or 24 -pack of “Get It Girl” wine. Then, 100 percentage of the proceeds of each “Get It Girl” wine sale are donated to Planned Parenthood. Here is what Union Wine Company says about the wine :P TAGEND

Women’s rights are human rights. That’s why Union Wine Co. and WILDFANG are making 100% gains from this special edition wine straight to Planned Parenthood, an organization fighting for those rights the working day, every day.

Aromatically rich varietals Riesling and Gewurztraminer are blended with the brighter and more focused crispness of a Pinot Gris, making this special edition wine a go-getter.

We’ll drink to that.

I’ll definitely drink to that, too! Union Wine Company teamed up with feminist dres brand, WILDFANG, to create the limited-edition can that will benefit Planned Parenthood. The objective is to raise $100,000, which is , but they will probably raise a whole lot more. Oh, and if you find yourself in Oregon near a WILDFANG store, you can also pick up a occurrence of “Get It Girl” wine at its locations, Cosmopolitan reports.

In a statement to, WILDFANG CEO, Emma Mcilroy, said “We had the idea for the wine shortly after the 2016 election. We wanted to make a clear statement in support of women’s rights and make certain kinds of positive impact. We likewise like to drink a lot of wine, so it felt like a match built in heaven.”

I must say, wine and philanthropy go hand in hand — and I should mention that if you decide to purchase “Get It Girl” wine online from the Union Wine Company website, you will receive 10 percentage off of your order. So basically, you’ll be get a delicious four or 24 -pack of a great white blend( conveniently packed in travel-friendly cans that are perfect for outdoor activities ), and 100 percentage of the proceeds will go to a great induce. I’m convinced!

Earlier this year, Union Wine Company devoted a lucky wino the opportunity of a lifetime. One person was given the chance to be the company’s “Canbassador, ” and this person was paying $15 to $18 an hour( depending on their experience ), to drive around the country( in a mobile wine saloon) and promote Underwood canned wine. OK, that sounds like a dream task!

This person had to be over 21 and had to have a desire for wine. Gosh, I truly wish I knew about that gig sooner — but hey, at least now I can donate to a great induce only by buying a suit of freshening canned white wine. For more information, visit Union Wine Company’s website.

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