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By - ZsClarc

Winter is here for ‘Game of Thrones’ and by winter we mean this flavored beer

Image: mashable composite; ommegang, hbo

The Starks ought to have predicting the appearance of wintertime for years, but now that there’s a flavored beer about it we’re starting to think they might be on to something.

The partnership between HBO and Brewery Ommegang has resulted in an upcoming Belgian-style double lily-white ale ominously dubbed: “Winter is Here.”

“In this next season, we celebrate the long-awaited arrival of wintertime with a beer is suitable for uptake north of The Wall, ” Ommegang President Doug Campbell said in a press release. ” Winter is Here is a fortifying and delicious doubled white, brewed with ocean salt and white pepper, sure to hold you warm in wintertime , no matter how long it lasts.”

Image: mashable composite; ommegang

Once secreted this autumn, the 750 ml bottles will retail for $11.99, and can be happily double fisted with Ommegang’s “Fire and Blood” red ale.

While the drinks won’t literally keep you heated, at 8.3% ABV they’ll probably hinder you and your viewing defendant stupefy to any depressing extinctions that happen in Season 7.

We’re in their own homes pull of being depressed by this show about hot characters expiring from sword wounds, parties. It’ll all comes to an end soon.

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