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By - ZsClarc

Tomi Lahren Might Be Conservative, But That Doesn’t Mean She Doesn’t Drink

As Tomi Lahren prepares to step back into the spotlight on Saturday, July 28, when she’ll have a political deliberation withChelsea Handler, there are sure to be people who want to know more about the relatively young political commentator. Who she is, where she’s from, what her opinions are; all of those questions are likely the subject of many a Google search right. In matters relating to her beliefs, you can be certain Lahrenisn’t against boozing.

It’s pretty well known that Handler, well, enjoys a drink. In fact, she named her book. While Handler and Lahren disagree on a lot of different political topics, they might just be able to come together over a drink when they meet at Politicon on Saturday.

When it comes to her positions on alcohol, just ask Lahren herself or, more particularly, the college version of her. Not too long ago, the internet had a field day after digging up Lahren’s old tweets from her periods at UNLV.

YouTube/ The blaze

The tweets were all pretty normal for a university student, but nonethelesshilarious, and concerned the usual topics you’d expect from person at that age: dating, partying, and, yes, alcohol.

The old tweets get so much attention at one point that, in a Facebook Live video, Lahren addressed their resurfacing. According to, she told,

I drank beer when I was 21, oh my gosh. I took hits when I was 21, oh my gosh. And I had fun in college, because, guess what, I’m a human being. I still do that and I’m 24, so if you needed to humanize me, I guess there’s your opportunity.

As she said herself, the admission to boozing is nothing special at all. Her reason, however, of her favorite songs during college; now that were special.

Per, she said,

When I was in college, which wasn’t that long ago, at UNLV, I had a small group of friends. When we went out, we liked to listen to rap music and one of the songs that my friends especially enjoyed was a hymn called Pop That Pussy.

I hate that word and I don’t say that word and I would always grovel when they would say that word because it didn’t sound right to me. I would instead say, Pop that p. So it became a thing.

So there’s that.

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