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By - bbqGuru

These Sparkling Jelly Beans From Jelly Belly Will Make Your Easter IGs Shine Bright

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly’s Jewel Spring Mix Has Sparkling Jelly Beans That Are Extra Insta-Worthy

By 5 hours ago

Spring has( nearly) jump, which entails it’s time to start stocking up on your favorite Easter candy. I don’t understand better you, but I’ve always desired jelly beans. They’re sweet — but not sweet — and “re coming” a ton of flavors that never frustrate. Plus, they ever add a splash of coloring to my candy collection. This time, it looks like this is gonna be color sparkles in my basket, because Jelly Belly’s Jewel Spring Mix has sparkling jelly beans that’ll outshine the other candies( literally ). Plus, if you get them, they’ll add some extra shimmer to any Easter IG pics that you end up posting this year. It’s a total win-win.

If you’re a Jelly Belly enthusiast( like me ), then you might recognise the Jewel Spring Mix. According to the company, the purse of sparkling jelly beans is a returning Easter favorite that’s actually available all year long. In other terms, if you need shiny jelly beans on a different date, you’ll be able to buy them anytime you crave. Whether you’re hoping to stock up for Easter or buy them for a different vacation, you can purchase a Jewel Spring Mix bag on Jelly Belly’s website for $6.99.

TBH, I’d be happy snacking on these beauts throughout the entire year.

Courtesy of Jelly Belly

Not simply are the sparkling jelly beans fairly, but their package is, too. As “youre seeing”, the shiny Jewel Spring Mix bagis purple in color and features simple bud intends on the front. Sure, it’s perfect for Easter — but I’d bring these to a springtime bash or a summer BBQ, wouldn’t you?

Now, you’re likely wondering what the jelly beans inside of the Jewel Spring Mix taste like. I mean, Jelly Belly is known for its unique jelly bean flavors, so I don’t blame you for being curious. Thankfully, the flavors featured inside of the springtime offering will give you total warm-weather vibes. According to Jelly Belly, the flavors are as followed:

Jewel Very Cherry

Jewel Sour Lemon

Jewel Sour Apple

Jewel Orange

Jewel Grape Soda

Jewel Bubble Gum

Jewel Berry Blue

Jelly Belly