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By - ZsClarc

The simple beer tool you never knew you needed

Image: Raging Mammoth

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When you call your product the most advanced brew alcoholics device in the universe, youd better be able to deliver the very best. But barring the existence of some kind of brew teleporting machine fabricated in a remote galaxy, youll be inclined to believe the motto when you discover The Beer Spike.

This keychain-sized tool is shaped like a railroad spike( to symbolize the great United States of America) and it puts a new spin on the take-anywhere bottle opener. Like most bottle openers, The Beer Spike fits on your keychain and, yes, it opens beer bottles. But thats about where the similarities purpose because its likewise able to pull can tabs, penetrate holes in the tops of cans to allow a smoother flow, and even penetrate the sides of cans so you can shotgun a brew like youre back in college again.

Its brass construction furnishes maximum durability, granting it the ability to slice through your average beer can like a sword through Swiss cheese. With all these alcohol-fueled features, its no shocker that The Beer Spike instigated a full-blown rager on Kickstarter and reached its money goal in just two hours.

Thirsty yet? Crack open your cold ones in style with The Beer Spike for $26.99, or 27% off the regular price of $36.98.

The Beer Spike

$36.98 $26.99

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