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By - bbqGuru

The cutest robot butler is here to serve you food and beverages

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This is Ode To … , a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too .

Oh the good old days, when beans stayed in their designated corner on the microwavable plate.

Times have changed. People’s obsession with the legendary legume has get darker, stranger, wrong. We now have a subreddit called “Beans in Things” which posts “pictures of beans in things that beans shouldn’t be in.”

That’s it. That’s the subreddit. And it’s wonderful.

According to the subreddit’s founder Reddit user SpareLiver, the the group was inspired by an already existing bean Facebook group.

“Someone posted an image on / r/ pics of beans in something, and like many people do, I rapidly started a sub and posted a comment linking to it, ” SpareLiver told Mashable. “I got lucky and it took off. There was a Facebook group that let people farm some of the initial content so the sub didn’t look dead when new people came.”

SpareLiver explained that YouTube star pewdiepie recently posted a video mentioning the sub and it “exploded from there” — though not always in the subreddit’s playful spirit.

Still, this subreddit largely sings. As someone who’s traveled to England more than once, this subreddit just speaks to me. There, they put beans in places where they just don’t belong — paninis, toasts, crackers. Bean are great independent of any bread product. They don’t need your carbohydrate assistance.

If only our allies understood that. At least this subreddit does. Here’s some of their best work.


It’s bean o’clock!

Montage o’ beans

Bean cream

Everyone aboard the bean bus!

Right this way, Mr. Bean

Amazon does beans right

Moon Beans

Bean time!

Classic Satan bean

You’ve Got Bean !

Rinse with Listerbean

The Metropolitan Museum of Beans

BB( Bean Bean) gun

Thanks to r/ BeansInThings for speaking out about this critical issue. As we should all know by now, baked beans merely belong in one place: the corner of my BBQ plate.

Hot sauce, you’re next.

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