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By - bbqGuru

Ten vegan-friendly versions of tailgate classics

( CNN) Tailgating with pals can be one of “the worlds largest” enjoyable aspects of a sporting occurrence. But depending on the meat served, pregame parties can be particularly challenging for those who follow special diets, including vegans.

The foods typically provided at tailgates, including chicken wings, burgers and cheesy plunges, can turn a fun-filled view suffer into a diet catastrophe for those who wish to avoid them.

The good report is that there are lots of healthy “veganized” versions of tailgate classics that it is possible to provide or bring to your next view party. When deciding on your menu, keep in thinker that it’s nice to offer a combination of plant-based meat along with vegan replacements. It’s true-life that cauliflower wings and cashew cheese sauce can create a big “wow” factor among even non-vegan pals, but inherently vegan meat such as guacamole and bean chili can expose to others that a vegan diet isn’t solely about animal-based substitutions.