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‘Gardening while black’: lawsuit targets white accusers over ‘outrageous’ claims

Farmer Marc Peeples was accused of joining a drive-by shooting and has become a pedophile leading to a example a judge called ridiculous Throughout 2017 and early 2018, three white women working in Detroit accused Marc Peeples, a black urban farmer, of a range of serious felonies. Among other accusations, they reported to police that he was brandishing a handgun,

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I watched my family die: Shatila refugees’ suffering laid bare

One of the great entrepreneurs of the 20 th century, Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, passed away today. As Reuters pointed out in its short biography, Kamprad made a store — as a teen intellect you — that today has more than 400 places, revenues of $62 billion, and a cultural ubiquity that very few consumer products could ever

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North Atlantic right whales may face extinction after no new births recorded

Declining fertility and rising mortality, exacerbated by fishery industry, prompts experts to caution whales could be extinct by 2040 The dwindling North Atlantic right whale population is on track to finish its spawning season without any new births, inspiring experts to warn again that without human intervention, the species will Photograph: Franco Banfi/ WaterFrame RM Was this helpful? Thank you

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All aboard the Love Train: young, single New Zealanders on a romantic quest

Once every two years the rural town of Middlemarch comprises a singles ball attracting hundreds of young people from across the country looking for love As the develop chugs across the Taieri Plains, female hips garb in sequins press against male thighs in polyester suits. The carriages sway unpredictably, flinging young revellers randomly together in the narrow aisles. The humen