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By - bbqGuru

People Are Cracking Up At The Way This Girl Failed To Grill Burgers

Sadly it all goes downhill from there, as she documents a catalog of neglects over an increasingly tragic, but hilarious Snapchat story. Perhaps a little bit of that’ flaming starter’s pride’ is justified after all! Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments! Here’s what people had to say

By - bbqGuru

We Spent $700 My Night Was Ruined! Woman Loses It After Staff Try To Save Dying Woman Instead Of Serving Her

The’ internet mob’ can be a hazardous and hateful phenomenon, with social media permitting localized disputes to speedily take on a world scale. In the call of righteous vengeance, the person who committed a wrong can abruptly find themselves bombarded with death threats, their home of all jobs bullied into firing them and their reputation in tatters, a new shape