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She’s white. I’m black — how our friendship survived real talk about race

( CNN) I didn’t have a single white friend when I left home for college in the fall of 2006. For the first time, I had to navigate relationships with people of different backgrounds. This was also true for some of my white classmates who before satisfying me had never interacted much with people of color. At times, my awareness

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How ‘BlacKkKlansman’ could help America write a new chapter

( CNN) Spike Lee’s brilliantly provocative cinema “BlacKkKlansman“( about the true narrative of a black undercover police officer who joins the Klan with the aid of a white colleague) opens wide on the first anniversary of Charlottesville as a pointed reminder of the long historical roots of our present racial drama. America’s contemporary political landscape constructs watching “BlacKkKlansman” an especially

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Starbucks’ incident proves ‘Whites Only’ spaces still exist

( CNN) For a few hours on Tuesday, thousands of Americans will suffer. They will be without their morning jolt, afternoon pick-me-up and terminate of day treat from corporate giant Starbucks coffee. People around the country will find the doors of about 8,000 Starbucks storages locked as its employees receive racial bias training. The exert is an effort to save

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Starbucks is closing to fight racial bias. What will YOU do?

( CNN) I do not consider myself to be an avid sports fan, but last fall, an NBA coach got my attention with remarks he made “thats been” shared on Twitter. It was Gregg “Pop” Popovich, the apparently surly but universally beloved coach-and-four of the San Antonio Spurs talking about race, specifically white privilege. “We still have no clue of

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White women like me, we need to talk (about not calling the police)

( CNN) Did you hear about the white woman who called police in Memphis earlier this month because a black human who wanted to buy a mansion was trying to take a look at it first? What about the white people who called the police on black people simply for sleeping in their own dormitory lounge at Yale, barbecuing at