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By - ZsClarc

Give away free tacos for this Chief Taco Officer gig

Welcome to your new job . Image: Moe’s southwest grill Taco ’bout a delicious offering: a month traveling the two countries giving away free tacos and feeing a few yourself. That’s the job description for this sweet job name, Chief Taco Officer at Moe’s Southwest Grill. All those hungry Chief Technology Officers can move aside, this is for true taco

By - ZsClarc

Little Caesars joins increasingly automated McDonalds with new robot

A robotic waitress delivers a pizza at a restaurant in Pakistan . Image: ss mizra/ afp/ Getty Images Robots has previously complete a wide variety of tasks for their human overlords, but they are unable to soon be about to conquer the final frontier: construction pizzas. As first reported by ZDNet, Little Caesars has received a new patent for an

By - ZsClarc

Trash Pizza, ranked

Image: Andreanna Moya Photography/ Flickr You can learn a lot about a person based on where they fall in life’s big debates: Coke vs. Pepsi, Triscuit vs. Wheat Thins, Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry. But there is one question that is perhaps the most decisive, the most controversial, the most disclose of what type of person you are: What is

By - ZsClarc

Flippy the burger-flipping robot is not off to great start

Flippy the burger-flipping robot is already on break one day after it started working at CaliBurger. Flippy, a robot being developed by Miso Robotics, made its debut at a CaliBurger restaurant this week, where it was brought in to flip burgers and replace humen. After one day, it looks like CaliBurger has put the robot on unpaid leave while it

By - ZsClarc

Barbecue Twitter is super pissed about this tweet

Image: Getty Images/ EyeEm If you come for barbecue Twitter, you best not miss. Unfortunately, Vice Magazine’s food-focused site Munchies seems to have done exactly that. And, well, people on the internet have some rulings . SEE ALSO: Twitter’s new Bookmarks feature saves you from embarrassing likes Like an under-smoked brisket unceremoniously dumped on the world’s plate, person at the