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Restaurant review-bombed after manager is called N-word by boss

On Friday, Domo Schneckenburg quit her job of over two years as general manager of two Pho Shacks, in Katy and Sugar Land, calling to give her boss notification. The call moved fine, but subsequently, her boss texted the other proprietor, Danh Le, to tell him the news and he reacted angrily, saying,” Fuk the n *****” and” Don’t like

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Please don’t eat these chicken tenders which spilled from a truck, authorities warn

Free chicken tenders are plea, but maybe not if they’ve sitting next on a road . Image: Getty Images/ iStockphoto We get it, cheapskates, free meat was difficult to resist. Especially when it comes in the form of delicious chicken tenders, but Alabama authorities have warned people to not feed any from containers that were spilled from a 18 -wheeler

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50+ unique gifts for under $50: Gift ideas for absolutely everyone

Some people possess an innate talent for thoughtful gift-giving. No matter the moment or recipient, they somehow nail their gift selections year after year, cementing their status as favorite aunt/ coworker/ second-cousin-twice-removed. On the other purpose of the range, we all know that one misguided friend or family member who endow the same scented lotion for every special moment. Their

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Firefighters eat sausages made of piglets they saved from blaze

Farmer sends gift of sausages to thank Wiltshire firefighters who rescued piglets and two sows from flame in barn A farmer whose piglets were saved from a barn flame has served the animals up as sausages to thank the firefighters who rescued them. The baby swine and two sows were freed by firefighters from Pewsey in Wiltshire when a barn

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Be the talk of your tailgate with this portable convection cooker

This, but burned into the air you breathe.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock Do you ever light scented candles during or after cooking to get rid of the food smell? Well, A1 – the steak sauce brand – will now let you do the opposite, with meat-scented candles. SEE ALSO: Artist makes perfumes for astronauts that smell like Earth The candles come in three