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By - ZsClarc

Apocalyptic scenes from California’s scorched wine country

Burned wine bottles at the Signarello Estate winery . Image: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images As a perfect blizzard of dry vegetation and gusty, strong breezes continue to fuel the inferno raging through California, the vineyards of Northern California’s famed wine country are feeling the devastating affects of wildfire – and the wine industry may be impacted by flame injury for

By - ZsClarc

Someone gave a reporter a six-pack of beer during Hurricane Harvey coverage

Please enjoy the best thing to ever happen on Fox News. Reporter Casey Stegall received a astound treat during his extremely wet coverage of Hurricane Harvey on Friday–a six-pack of local brew from a scene-stealing local. SEE ALSO: Astronauts winged right over monster cyclone Hurricane Harvey In the clip, which subsequently tweeted by Fox News, Stegall is mid-sentence when a