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By - bbqGuru

Diggy Moreland’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Colton Jumps To Conclusions Instead Of Over Fences Betches

IT Episode 8 starts with Colton taking the first indoor shower we’ve assured all season. The fact that we know his regimen( all water , no soap) is mind-boggling, but at the least there’s a roof this time. If the soapless shower doesn’t build your scalp creep, the facts of the case that he packs merely a carry-on to four

By - bbqGuru

UPDATED: Ariana Grande’s New Tattoo Proves She’s All Of Us Betches

Stars—they’re… not like us at all, actually. They’re wealthier, better looking, and (sometimes) more talented at multiple things than most of us are at any one thing. That makes the temptation to relate to them both baffling and sensible at the same time. On the one hand, they’re impossible to relate to, but on the other hand, what fun is

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Betches Love This College: Syracuse University Betches

Dear Orange Friends, Ranked at 53 The likes of Joe Biden, Aaron Sorkin, Jessie Mueller, Taye Diggs, and Col. Eileen Collins( she’s the first female space shuttle commandant f* cking duh) trod on the very same mall as you. JK is like three years old. But they probs sat in the same drafty constructs as you, because those are like,

By - bbqGuru

5 Weird Food Trends To Prepare For In 2019 Betches

Prepare yourselves, betches. Here are some of the upcoming weird meat tendencies you are able to look forward to seeing( and trying, if you dare) in 2019. Sounds even more nasty when I set just the way it is … but yeah, vegetarian fleshes like bacon and pork rinds are going to be reaching supermarkets for all of us herbivores

By - ZsClarc

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Buy For Yourself

We’ve only got a month before we start eating our weight in chocolate and watching gag-worthy rom-com’s like or. We’ll soon be in our last month of wintertime (* pause and praise all that is holy *), and that means the next vacation we’ll celebrate is Valentine’s Day. Although it may be another reminder of how pathetically single some of