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30 Funny Girlfriends And Wives Who Are Winning At Relationships

This collection of photos taken by wives and girlfriends prove that a healthy dose of pranking and jokes helps the heart grow fonder or at the least holds a smile on their faces( but happy wife happy life right ?) Scroll down below to watch all the fun or get some the notion of your own and don’t forget to

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23 Funny Aussie Slang Examples That Need Translation To English

Australia is the same. You haven’t truly experienced Australia until you’ve had a chat with a random bogan in a bluey, durry in hand while smashing down a tinny in his stubbies and thongs. If you’re luck, he might let you help yourself to the contents of his esky, chuck a snag or two on the barbie and help determine

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Mom Documents Her Babys Growth During His First 12 Months Using Pizza Slices With Different Toppings

Photographer Dani Leigh and her mommy have come up with an humorous course of how to record her baby’s first year. Marking monthly milestones, Dani has photographed her little Lorenzo utilizing pizza, and as random as it might seem, the idea actually has a legit reason behind it. Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: danileighphotography 3 Months danileighphotography 4 Months

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We Spent $700 My Night Was Ruined! Woman Loses It After Staff Try To Save Dying Woman Instead Of Serving Her

The’ internet mob’ can be a hazardous and hateful phenomenon, with social media permitting localized disputes to speedily take on a world scale. In the call of righteous vengeance, the person who committed a wrong can abruptly find themselves bombarded with death threats, their home of all jobs bullied into firing them and their reputation in tatters, a new shape

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Racist White Woman Harasses Black Women Outside Their Own Home, So Internet Makes Her Pay For It

Everything began late at night on October 19 th in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chele Garris and her sister Erin Nichelle Garris were standing outside their own apartment complex waiting for AAA to arrive. While the latter are standing around, a really drunk middle-aged lily-white lady decided to approach them. As she got more and more obnoxious, Chele decided to start