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By - bbqGuru

Starbucks’ incident proves ‘Whites Only’ spaces still exist

( CNN) For a few hours on Tuesday, thousands of Americans will suffer. They will be without their morning jolt, afternoon pick-me-up and terminate of day treat from corporate giant Starbucks coffee. People around the country will find the doors of about 8,000 Starbucks storages locked as its employees receive racial bias training. The exert is an effort to save face after some bad press, resulting from a Philadelphia Starbucks’ criminalization of two black men who were only doing what so many others do: hanging out in Starbucks.

While these folks struggle without their usual coffee set, there’s another segment of Americans who are suffering too: people of color who must constantly face having their very presence in public spaces challenged by white Americans and the police. Over the past month, the presence of black people has also been challenged while playing on a golf course, moving into an apartment, napping in a college dormitory and barbecuing in a park.

But these were just a few indignities shared publicly. Daily, without acceptance and in the is a lack of a smartphone camera or social media campaign, black people have similar — and regular — experiences when they are in white space and thought to be “out of place.”