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By - ZsClarc

Scary IKEA Bowl Can Apparently Set Your Food On Fire By Itself, So Happy Cooking

There’s one thing “youre supposed to” don’t expect your stainless steel sufficing bowl to do, and that’s catch circumstances onfire.

It seems like such a farfetched project, I know. Like, would I need to worry about where I’m applying my helping recipes?

Well, I’m happy to report that we can no longer be so navein the kitchen, because a popular IKEA bowl is reportedly catching nutrient on fireby itself.

Swedish Facebook user Richard Walter told Aftonbladet, a Swedish-language news site, that he lately watchedhis grapes, catch on fire inside IKEA’s Blanda Blank container.

How does this even? I still have so many questions.

Side note: The inexpensive 11 -inch kitchen item retails for $4.99; nonetheless, I’d be willing to pay a little bit more for a non-flammable alternative, to be perfectly honest.


According to The Local, Richard said he was munching on his grapes outside on a particularly heated day in Sweden when he started to reek smoke.

That’s when herealized the smell and the kindles were coming from his Blanda Blank bowl.

The Local, an English-language Swedish publishing, carried his account of the frightening minute as it is available on Aftonbladet.

I ensure it was burning in the grape bowl. How is that possible, I felt. Then I viewed there was one intense detail where( the sun) stumbled the sprigs, and that’s where it started.

To recap: The roots caught on fire and ignited the rest of the grapes.

Richard shared a video of the same container igniting a piece of paper to farther prove his point.

Fr er som hade svrt att tro p’t nr det pltsligt brjade brinna i mina vindruvor p balkongen har jag gjort ett litet expriment fr att frtydliga hur det hela gick till. IKEA’s skl blanda blank 20 cm.

Posted by Richard Walter on Sunday, June 18, 2017

IKEA reportedly told Aftonbladet they would analyse what happened.

They followed up with The Local in an email, apparently replying :P TAGEND

In risk assessment for the container Blanda it has been established that many different parameters would have to gather for the content of the bowl to overheat and that the risk for this to happen is very low.

Even with IKEA’s reassurance that a barrage is unlikely, I don’t belief I’d danger taking the Blanda Blank for a spin outdoors.

Read more: http :// social-news/ ikea-bowl-allegedly-sets-grapes-on-fire-is-being-investigated/ 2000396 /