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By - ZsClarc

Rude robbers pull off a serious wine heist using the Paris Catacombs

Skulls and bones stacked at the Paris catacomb .

Image: AFP/ Getty Images

Pro-tip: If you are an exceedingly wealthy Parisian who boasts an impressive wine collect, do not make a wine cellar that shares a wall with the city’s monster underground graveyard.

According to the Associated Press, a group of really rude Parisian robbers violated into a local wine cellar by busting a hole through a wall in the Catacombs, a system of underground passageways containing the remains of millions of French people.

Image: AFP/ Getty Images

The thieves reportedly made off with what Paris police mention were between 250 and 300 bottles of wine, worth an estimated EUR2 50,000, or $300,000.

And, per The Guardian, police tell local media that they’re confident the perpetrators “must have made visits before, ” based on their successful ability to identify the exact spot they’d need to drill in order to reach the cellar.

…Which brings us to our next tip-off for rich, French wine collectors: Trust no one.

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