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Reykjavik residents now have the luxury of sushi and beer delivery by drone

Another period, another home droning delivery experimentation .

Image: Andreas Rentz/ Getty Images

The future of drone delivery is now, and it’s pretty wild.

Lucky residents of Reykjavik are the first to benefit from a new service delivering online food orders like hamburgers, sushi, and even beer.

The system comes from a partnership between Israeli drone logistics corporation Flytrex and Icelandic eCommerce company AHA.

It’s not the only one trying to make droning delivery work in an urban setting.

Amazon’s been working on drone delivery for some time, and discovered success with some deliveries in the UK. 7-Eleven has also experimented with commercial droning delivery in Reno, Nevada. In addition, there’s been a few companies trying it out just for the lulz, like LaMar’s doughnuts and Oscar Mayer. But there are still plenty of government restrictions holding up drone delivery from becoming a reality in the U.S. and elsewhere.

For this Iceland program, a delivery person throws the goods in the drone, locks it for flight, and mails the drone on its way. When the drone touches down at the other purpose of its itinerary, another delivery person is there to compile the order and drive it to the final destination.

The normal track that delivery drivers would have to construct to reaching the same place is a winding one around a wide river that would take around 25 minutes. Drone delivery for the same road merely takes four minutes. The company expects to do this about 20 times a day. The only requirement is that the package in flight has to be lighter than six pounds. Flytrex flights start at $0.80 per mile.

This isn’t door-door drone delivery( womp womp ), but Flytrex hopes to stimulate that happen by expanding the program, according to The Verge . The company aims to deliver along more routes in Iceland, lowering your delivery straight down to you via wire.

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