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Cardi B lands new Rap Snacks flavors

The internet is in a full on duel over diversity chip snack packs. It all started when comedian Kevin Fredericks posted this video on Twitter, sparking the discussions in what the best chips were in the Lay’s variety pack. Unpopular opinion: snack publication Fritos smacking — Mennen Tefferi (@ _BreezyLove_) March 7, 2019 Fritos first? Yashar how could you?

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‘Gardening while black’: lawsuit targets white accusers over ‘outrageous’ claims

Farmer Marc Peeples was accused of joining a drive-by shooting and has become a pedophile leading to a example a judge called ridiculous Throughout 2017 and early 2018, three white women working in Detroit accused Marc Peeples, a black urban farmer, of a range of serious felonies. Among other accusations, they reported to police that he was brandishing a handgun,

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30 Funny Girlfriends And Wives Who Are Winning At Relationships

This collection of photos taken by wives and girlfriends prove that a healthy dose of pranking and jokes helps the heart grow fonder or at the least holds a smile on their faces( but happy wife happy life right ?) Scroll down below to watch all the fun or get some the notion of your own and don’t forget to

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When tweets by MPs go wrong

Report End of Twitter post by @Geoffrey_Cox Back in April 2015, Labour MP Harriet Harman was also taunted for a tweet which proposed a lack of intimacy with how the website works. Report End of Twitter post by @HarrietHarman Report End of Twitter post by @edballs The tweet, which now has more than 100,000 retweets, becomes a meme, with Twitter