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By - ZsClarc

Other cities ignore Paris floods at their peril

( CNN) Paris is flooding, and it should give us reason to pause and reflect on whether our metropolis are prepared for the impact of climate change.

Thousands were displacedfrom their homes into government and church-run shelters, often narrowly escaping with their lives in barges rowed by French sailors. Neighborhood shopkeepers put wooden tables along the street to generate improvised walkways allowing people to move through the flood zone. Barrels from wine warehouses situated along the riverbank were pushed out into the Seine’s channel and crashed into bridge subsistences downstream.

More than 100 years later, Paris is once again flooding, a kind of wintertime high-water ritual that frequently besets the city. While it’s nothing like that earlier flood, the water ought to be able to crest at virtually 20 feet, shy of the 1910 record but still bad enough to shut down the metro, close the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, which sit on the river’s banks, stop river traffic and move people from their homes.

Paris flooding threatens museum artwork