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Oklahoma teachers ride wave of support in march to capital: ‘It’s for the kids’

Well-wishers offer food, sip and cheers as more than 125 educators travel 110 miles to seek better funding

” Wool socks, that’s what I need ,” mentions the retired teach Robert Niemi, 68, as he takes off his white cotton socks in an effort to keep his feet dry and prevent blisters.

Niemi is one of more than 125 teachers and their advocates marching 110 miles to demand activity on badly necessity classroom supplies.

They left Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday for a seven-day stroll to the country capital, Oklahoma City.

” Yesterday, I merely built it halfway, but today I hope to make it all the way to Bristow ,” adds Niemi as a detonation of gust hittings us in the face.

As news helicopters constantly hover overhead broadcasting the marching down historic Route 66, neighbors have begun to gather outside their homes to provide meat, water and terms of encouragement to the marchers on their grueling trek.

‘ I feel like the teaches deserve more fund ,’ told Alex Hutchins, 14. Photo: Mike Elk for the Guardian

” I must have feed at least 11 bananas today ,” says Aaron Baker, an Oklahoma City eighth-grade US history teacher.” Person simply keep devoting them to me .”

As we pass by a grove of ruby-red bud trees, the official government trees, outside of Wild Prairie Horse, Oklahoma, a retired school librarian named Carol has set up with her describing pad. “It’s just so inspiring,” mentions Carol as she stands in a coating.

As she talks, two teenage daughters on a quad bicycle give their supporting. Mykahla Parsck, 15, drives the vehicle as her friend Alex Hutchins, 14, hangs on to her friend’s hip while clutching a sign saying ” We Enjoy Our Teachers “.


” I feel like the teachers deserve more money ,” mentions Hutchins,” and the textbooks are so age-old that I am utilizing one my daddy used when he was in school .”

Annie Overosee McGill, a kindergarten teacher at Burroughs Elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, says:” I will do anything for my children. They deserve to have better funding for the classrooms. I will do anything for them, including marching to the capital to demonstrate our point to the legislators .”

Kids join the teaches’ rally at the country capital on Wednesday. Photograph: J Pat Carter/ AFP/ Getty Images

” Kindergarten is an awesome year of reading for children ,” she adds.” They are like your children: you take care of them, you got to see them develop. They are always a part of you and I’d do anything for them .”

” Y’all keep on fighting ,” says Beverly Langley, 75, as she hands out water outside of her family’s smokehouse, Okie Family BBQ, outside Bristow.” Don’t give up, simply keep on pushing .”

Langley mentions nearly all the customers coming into her family’s smokehouse have been supportive of the strikers.

” I tell people right now: it’s for the kids, and I imagine people understand that ,” tells Langley.” The rich are plenty of fund … they just don’t want to give any to us .”

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