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LIRR-themed beer makes summer in Penn Station a little less hellish

This summer in New York City has been dubbed the “Summer of Hell, ” for many reasons( including the extreme, stifling heat ), but principally for the long train postponements caused by Penn Station’s emergency track repairs.

Commuting has been an absolute nightmare for New Yorkers, but one brewing company is capitalizing on the disaster by making Penn Station commuters’ travelling merely a little less awful.

Blue Point Brewing Company is releasing a new beer exclusively available in Penn Station, aptly named “Delayed.”

We brewed the ultimate Pilsner to help you through the #SummerofHell. Join us for the DELAYED liberate party w /@ shakeshack in Penn Station, Monday, 8/ 14 4-8pm. Don’t forget to share your commuting woes w/ us use #DRINKTHEDELAY

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Myself, our brewers and our employees have spent a lot of time delayed in Penn Station waiting for the train back to Long Island, albeit with a brew happily in hand, Blue Point President Todd Ahsmann told Long Island Press . Since the lags are expected to increase during construction, we figured we would brew a brew perfect for that extended wait This brew should comprise you over while you wait for the train but provide just enough bite to hold you critical of current state of transit.

According to the New York Post , Ahsmann and his brew master came up with the boozy suggestion while waiting at Penn Station for a delayed qualify to Patchogue can’t get any more inspired than that.

It was a one-beer delay, said Ahsmann. Well, for my brew lord, it was two beers.

The company describes the beer as, “a blend of floral, spicy hop-skips for subtle apple and lemon-lime fragrance, balanced by slight honey notes from a creamy malt body.”

Ashmann told the New York Post , We wanted something a bit more drinkable, and we wanted a little bit of bitterness to represent the feeling that most people at Penn have right now.” When the time comes to everyone’s mood in Penn Station, “bitter” is quite the understatement.

The 16 -ounce can is designed to look just like the Long Island Rail Road schedule committee, and according to Grub Street , will debut in Penn Station’s Shake Shack on Monday, Aug. 14 before becoming available elsewhere in the station.

So finish off the summer semi-right by grabbing a cold “Delayed” while waiting for your delayed train in a hot teach station. Ahh…refreshing.

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