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Jogger who trashed homeless man’s things charged with robbery in new dispute

Henry Sintay accused of grabbing phone of person filming him during later scuffle in same Oakland park

A jogger caught on camera trashing a homeless man’s belongings in an Oakland park has been arrested and charged with burglary after another incident in the same location.

Henry Sintay, who was filmed last Friday dumping a local homeless man’s possessions in the garbage and into a pond, was accused in criminal matters tribunal on Wednesday. The lawsuit was filed after the 30 -year-old was captured in another video returning to the park on Saturday and arguing with a group of people before he allegedly grabbed the telephone of someone filming him and ran off.

Henry Sintay.

Prosecutors said in court records that Sintay had committed a second-degree crime strong-arm burglary and that he had confessed to the offense. Sintay had also “assaulted” the person filming him, a police representative said in an email. Sintay was taken to jail, and it wasn’t immediately clear on Wednesday if he had an attorney.

Sintay’s acts reignited debates about racial profiling and gentrification in Oakland, a liberal California city with a rich black history that is currently suffering an extreme housing and homelessness crisis. But unlike many of the other recent cases of white Americans harassing people of color or mistreating disenfranchised people, Sintay is now facing law enforcement consequences.

In the original video, Sintay dismissed the pleas of other parkgoers telling him not to disturb the homeless man’s belongings.” I’m picking up trash, what do you are willing to to do? … It’s disgusting .”

Kenzie Smith, left, and Greg Markson. Photo: Sam Levin for the Guardian

In the second video a day later, it was unclear why exactly Sintay had returned.” I cleaned up his shit and then some other shit has declined in ,” he said when asked about the tossed belongings, subsequently noting:” This guy has taken a permanent residence here .” He also seemed to defend his actions, telling:” I pick up trash all over the place .”

When the person filming introduced himself and reached out to shake his hands, Sintay appeared to grab the phone and running. At one point, the man who was livestreaming appears to be scream:” I’m being attacked here !”

Greg Markson, the man whose belongings were dumped, told the Protector that he chose not to pursue accuses in the initial incident after he detected his possessions were junked. He said he was ready to move on from the incident.

” I’m not going to harp over items “thats been” hurled in the water ,” he said in an interview on Tuesday afternoon, seated in the place at Lake Merritt where Sintay had rifled through his things periods earlier. Referencing the clothes and non-food items people had since donated to him, he added:” People got things supplanted … There are only so many styles I can say thank you for that .”

Markson, who likewise goes by the name Drew or Jru, has long spent period at this section of the popular Bay Area park, near the website of another recent video that triggered national outrage. In May, a white wife was filmed alerting 911 about two black humen barbecuing, earning her the nickname “BBQ Becky” and adding to the long list of stories of white people calling law enforcement on African Americans doing everyday activities.

Markson said he was confused to find his belongings junked and didn’t understand why the three men would have thrown clothes in the water.

” There are other ways to handle issues ,” he mentioned, adding that he appreciated the outpouring of support.” Oakland is home … I feel loved .”

Kenzie Smith, one of the men who was barbecuing when police were called to Lake Merritt, said he was assisting Markson and hoped to get him long-term assistance:” We want to transition him from staying here to having his own home .”

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