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By - bbqGuru

Guy Fieri reigns again as the re-elected mayor of Flavortown

Guy Fieri, mayor of Flavortown .

Image: Jason Koerner/ Getty Images

The midterm elections intent as a bittersweet liaison, but hey, at the least we’ve get Guy Fieri.

Especially now the revered Tv chef has declared he’ll spend another term as mayor of Flavortown, which sounds like good place to hide from everything right now.

“Thanks to the hard working community members of Flavortown. It was a yummy campaign and we are rollin out for another 4 years, ” he tweeted on Wednesday.

Four more years! Four more years!

But perhaps Fieri’s occasions are too early.

OK, if you’re a bit lost on the notion of Flavortown, it’s a phrase that Fieri has been spurting out throughout the years on his various Tv shows.

But now the word has evolved into a state of mind, a fictional home where flavor reigns supreme. As Fieri explained to Munchies last year :

“On camera, I once said, ‘This pizza looks like a manhole covering in Flavortown.’ Willy Wonka had a chocolate stream, you are familiar with? So it’s take such iconic food items, these iconic food instants, and imparting them a home. They all live in Flavortown. It’s like one of those things in The Matrix: You can only get down with Flavortown if you believe in Flavortown. I have people walk up to me and say, ‘Hey, I’m a citizen of Flavortown.’ I have people that want to pledge to be a city council member of Flavortown or the auto-mechanic. It doesn’t stop. What would be the airline of Flavortown? Sausage Airlines? It merely doesn’t stop. I just said it, and then people heard it. Of course, there’s no Flavortown–unless you believe in it.”

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