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Galaxy-Inspired Ceramics That Let You Drink From The Stars

Thanks to Amanda Joy Wells, anyone can have a sip of the universe. This Oklahoma-based artist has created a series of galaxy-inspired ceramics, and they look absolutely out of this world.

Everything started when one of Amanda’s customers asked her to create a nebulous mug to commemorate her son that passed away. “It was getting close to the holiday rush but it really pulled at my heart strings, so I gave it a go,” Wells told Bored Panda. “Before I shipped it off, I posted it in a maker’s group and people really resonated with it.”

Even though the artisan makes stellar bowls and vases once in a while, she mainly focuses on mugs and cups: “I make my mugs to offer as a tool, for those who use them, to create moments of self care and reflection, to create a little daily ceremony or ritual that is special… a sublime moment in your day.” Using a mix of glazes, Amanda creates mugs and cups that sparkle like the stars. The artist makes all of her projects on the pottery wheel and sells them at her Etsy shop. Each one is food-safe, so no meal nor drink can damage them. The ceramics are dishwasher and microwave-safe as well, but Wells reminds that they are works of art and advises to treat them with care regardless.

Her work sells out at lightening speed, so follow Amanda on social media to see when she will be releasing her next batch.

Sublime Pottery

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