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Cop arrested for recording man’s genitals, forcing mentally ill man to twerk on video

African-American dance


Las Vegas police officer Rachel Sorkow was apprehended on multiple crime police misconduct accuses after it was discovered that she had been recording videos of suspects in deep degrading scenarios and sharing them with friends.

According to the Root, Sorkow was charged on March 14 with a litany of crimes dating back nearly two years in her period as an officer. She allegedly use her position to look up private info, including addresses and criminal records of potential romantic spouses for her civilian friends, at least 19 times. One of these included giving information to a felon on whether he was being followed by police, and the other involved disclosing the names of children in a child abuse investigation.

According to the Las Vegas Sun , Sorkow has been on leave since December when her phone was confiscated and videos were found of her mocking and demeaning civilians. In one video, she makes a mentally ill person twerk, saying in the video,” I only want to see you dougie[ sic] and twerk and then we’re good .” In another video, while responding to a domestic violence report, Sorkow taunts an intoxicated woman, asking if she’s considered being on My 600 -lb Life and attaining her lift up her shirt on camera.

We need to change the route we talk about police killing Black people

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