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By - ZsClarc

Cooking segment goes awry when host slices finger open

Image: BBC

Ever get kinda nervous while you’re watching a cook chop away at veggies on television? Well, we are sorry to report that particular nightmare has actually transpired.

BBC Saturday Kitchen host Donal Skehan sustained a nasty cut on his finger during a show on this week’s broadcast with cook Jun Tanaka and comedian Julian Clary.

Amazingly, Skehan scarcely cringed when Tanaka asked him if he’d cut himself, he simply said, “I’m fine. We’ll merely cracking on through.” Imagine.

They did indeed finish the segment Clary eventually handed Skehan a towel with which to wrap his extremely bloody wound.

“Nothing like a bit of blood on a Saturday morning simply to get you alive and kicking, ” Skehan said.

And the internet is very impressed with his professionalism.

Later, Skehan thanked his adoring( and obsessed) public for their kind tweets. “Key is as always to KEEP BLOODY GOING! ” he wrote.

Yes, yes. Bloody going indeed.

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