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By - ZsClarc

Coffee tastes better when iced and the HyperChiller proves it don’t @ us

Image: hyperchiller

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News flash: Coffee savors better when it’s iced. It only does. Luckily, there’s the Hyperchiller, a genius device that cools liquids in less than a minute. The only thing better than one HyperChiller is two. Lucky for you, this HyperChiller Coffee Chiller: 2-Pack is on sale.

While cold brew is delicious, it takes all day to steep — and if you’re looking to cool down a hot cup of coffee, dumping ice cubes into your mug is just going to dilute the flavor. Same moves for white wine.

Lucky for us there’s a way outside of beverage purgatory: This HyperChiller utilizes a patent pending multi-chamber design to separate hot or warm liquids from the ice cubes you’d otherwise use to chill them.

The coffee and ice are housed in two different layers of food grade stainless steel, meaning it gets cool without watering it down. Not only does it mansion a generous volume 12.5 ounce capacity, it chills liquids by up to 130 o in one minute.

Get a HyperChiller Coffee Chiller: 2-Pack for $45, plus use special code: “HyperChiller Coffee Chiller” for an additional 17% off the sale price.

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