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By - ZsClarc

Watch a tiny cooking video that could give you a fear of apple pie

At first glance, this Miniature Space minuscule fix video of someone making a mini apple pie ogles delicious and adorable… But there’s something about it that’s just not quite right. Maybe it’s the low frequency humming in the background where this required cute music. Maybe it’s the slow and deliberate movements of this monstrous handwriting moving the tiny cooking utensils.

By - ZsClarc

Scary IKEA Bowl Can Apparently Set Your Food On Fire By Itself, So Happy Cooking

There’s one thing “youre supposed to” don’t expect your stainless steel sufficing bowl to do, and that’s catch circumstances onfire. It seems like such a farfetched project, I know. Like, would I need to worry about where I’m applying my helping recipes? Well, I’m happy to report that we can no longer be so navein the kitchen, because a popular

By - ZsClarc

You won’t be able to look away from these tiny cooking videos

Image: Walking With Giants/ youtube There is something undeniably mesmerizing about watching our favorite foods reached in their teeniest, tiniest form. From fancy Italian foods to dessert specialties, there are so many mini meat videos it’s hard to know where to start. SEE ALSO: Baby snake holding minuscule plaything donut is unexpectedly cute Fear not – we’ve rounded up all

By - ZsClarc

New Zealand paper names and shames every drink-driver at tourist ‘party town’

Queenstown paper sets names of 100 people on front sheet amid refer the town, which attracts 2 million tourists a year, is bucking drink-drive trend A newspaper in New Zealand has taken a posture against drunkard moves by reproducing their calls on its front sheet, in response to what it calls an epidemic of the crime. The Mountain Scene is