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By - bbqGuru

Cardi B lands new Rap Snacks flavors

The internet is in a full on duel over diversity chip snack packs.

It all started when comedian Kevin Fredericks posted this video on Twitter, sparking the discussions in what the best chips were in the Lay’s variety pack.

This particular snack pack consists of Lay’s Original, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, Lay’s BBQ, and Cool Ranch Doritos.

Several people can be seen disagreeing as to what the remedy ranking of these snacks are in terms of deliciousness. Fredericks along with fellow comedians Tahir Moore and Tony Baker, both featured in the video, as well as others had vastly different answers and triggered a heated Twitter controversy.

Some agreed with the statement that Fritos were the best in the box :P TAGEND

While there were others were shocked at that assessment :P TAGEND

Others couldn’t get past the fact that some people like Cool Ranch Doritos the best, let alone at all. They took their annoyances out in the form of Cool Ranch-bashing memes.

Several people also brought up the fact that their microchip predilection depended a lot for purposes of determining whether or not they would be feeing the microchips with or without a sandwich.

No matter where you fall on the microchips debate, there’s no need to keep a microchip on your shoulder, because there’s bound to be someone out there who agrees with you.

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