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By - ZsClarc

Beer-repellent Adidas Mnchen are here for your Oktoberfest needs

Germany’s beer-filled festival — Oktoberfest — is fast approaching and people can’t just waiting sport their best lederhosen and dirndl or take part in the “O’ Zapft is“.

Sadly though, it’s a challenging hour for your beloved sneakers as they’ll likely have to soak up all that beer spilling and( assured) vomit.

Not to worry, though, because Adidas has got you covered with their newly released, limited-edition Adidas Munchen.

Made with durable upchuck and beer repellent( DPBR) varnish, the shoes feature a rich leather embroidery to match your lederhosen and inner lining inspired by traditional cherry-red and white checked Oktoberfest-style shirt.

Image: adidas

Naturally, the rich-brown sneakers likewise have golden lettering that says “Prost” — German for applauds — along with the traditional three stripes.

Image: adidas

They’re yours for PS1 59.95 ($ 209 ).

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