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By - bbqGuru

Be the talk of your tailgate with this portable convection cooker

This, but burned into the air you breathe.
Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock

Do you ever light scented candles during or after cooking to get rid of the food smell? Well, A1 – the steak sauce brand – will now let you do the opposite, with meat-scented candles.

The candles come in three original scents: Original Meat, Backyard BBQ, and Classic Burger. The website urges customers to “grab it while it’s hot” lest supplies run out – Original Meat is already gone.

Image: a1/kraft

Additionally, rich descriptions on the website suggest that these candles smell so accurate, they’ll make you crave the real thing (if you’re vegetarian and prone to nausea, steer clear). Ideally, this would translate to turning on the grill and buying more A1 sauce to slather on a fresh burger, but do not underestimate the instantly gratifying lure of a drive-thru window.

Social media met the news with a mixture of confusion, disgust, and excitement.

Meat scents are now available on the A1 website – while supplies last!

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