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Mark Zuckerberg has been apologizing for online privacy problems since he was a student at Harvard

( CNN) “I hope you understand, this is not how I intend for things to go, and I apologize for any harm done as a result of my neglect to consider how quickly the website would spread and its consequences thereafter.”

By - ZsClarc

Congress wants to ‘inflict pain on Mark Zuckerberg. Is he ready for it?

Mark Zuckerberg will witness Senate and House committees over data misuse, a major test for his communication skills Mark Zuckerberg would like you to know one thing- Facebook messed up. During a rare press conference last week, Zuckerberg was grilled by writers over Facebook’s privacy lapses. His message was consistent: mistakes were built, he takes responsibility and the company has

By - ZsClarc

Here’s how you can watch Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress

Watching you, watching us . Image: Alex Wong/ Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg heads to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to answer for Facebook’s data-harvesting sins. And you can watch it live in all of its sure-to-be-schadenfreude-filled beauty. SEE ALSO: Everything you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica contention The Facebook chairman and CEO will testify to Congress on customer privacy.

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Give away free tacos for this Chief Taco Officer gig

Welcome to your new job . Image: Moe’s southwest grill Taco ’bout a delicious offering: a month traveling the two countries giving away free tacos and feeing a few yourself. That’s the job description for this sweet job name, Chief Taco Officer at Moe’s Southwest Grill. All those hungry Chief Technology Officers can move aside, this is for true taco