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Sailing around the world — with three children

(CNN)He had competed in one of the world’s toughest sailing races and forged a successful business career, but neither of those came close to Caspar Craven’s biggest challenge. That was setting sail on a two-year odyssey around the world with his inexperienced wife and three young children, aged nine, seven and two. They didn’t even have a boat when the

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Oklahoma teachers ride wave of support in march to capital: ‘It’s for the kids’

Well-wishers offer food, sip and cheers as more than 125 educators travel 110 miles to seek better funding ” Wool socks, that’s what I need ,” mentions the retired teach Robert Niemi, 68, as he takes off his white cotton socks in an effort to keep his feet dry and prevent blisters. Niemi is one of more than 125 teachers

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So THAT’S Why Your Accent Gets Stronger When You’re Drinking

If youre from the South, chances are your drawl seems thicker or a little more pronounced after a glass of wine or two. Its clear that booze has an impact on accents there are even (controversial) theories that alcohol hasplayed a role in thedevelopmentof some.But why exactly does this happen? Its not just because youre feeling less self-conscious about your