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By - ZsClarc

Amazon to cut one of its wine-delivery services

Image: david silverman/ Getty Images

Amazon Wine marketers received an announcement from the retailer on Monday that sucks for the businesses using the five-year-old service.

In an email, Amazon told the vendors that the wine delivery service would end by the end of this year, according to Tech Crunch . Existing statutes surrounding booze marketings, and the company’s own growth, have gotten in accordance with the rules of the program.

In an FAQ sent to wine dealers, the last day for clients to place Amazon Wine orders is December 31, 2017, according to Tech Crunch . According to Amazon’s website, “each wine dealer operates under its own set of permits and ascertains which states it will ship to.”

Amazon Wine operated as a third-party marketplace for wine sellers, which paid a cost to Amazon. Amazon had been lobbying to change statutes that avoid retailers from being paid to advertise goods, according to Recode , but failed. While this limb of Amazon’s wine business is closing, the tech monster isn’t leaving the grapes behind. The online retail corporation will still sell alcohol through its AmazonFresh and Prime Now services.

Prime Now offers delivery in select U.S. metropolis for subscribers. Customers must request items from their Alexa to receive them within two hours. Beer, wine, and spirits are available for delivery in some cities.

AmazonFresh is the retailer’s online grocery business, that allows for quick delivery of fresh products. Now that Amazon has acquired Whole Foods, the grocery retail possibilities( including the sale of alcohol) are more expansive than ever.

Amazon Wine fans can place their final orderings now before it’s too late, but had not yet been anxiety, the retailer’s alcohol delivery services will continue to flow.

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