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A Harry Potter cruise and tour around England ships out this summer

Image: warner bros .

Hardcore Harry Potter devotees have a chance to tour the facilities of the Harry Potter movies this summer in a super-exclusive barge tour that sounds like a dream for anyone who wants to see where the films were shot in England.

The Harry Potter river sail, a unofficial seven-night experience aboard an eight-person barge, will be weaving its behavior along the Thames River in England this summer, stopping at various iconic scenes from the Harry Potter movie series and taking passengers on a behind-the-scenes tour of Warner Bros. Studios, Cruise Critic reported Wednesday.

Along the way, the cruise aboard the Magna Carta will stop at Picket Post Close( the locating of four Privet Drive ), Christ Church College at Oxford University( Hogwarts’s Great Hall ), and Virginia Water( where Harry fulfilled Buckbeak the hippogriff) where passengers can tour the iconic landmarks. The cruise also stops at other famous locatings around England including Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle.

All of the tours are covered by the cost of the journey — starting at a whopping $5,350 — along with meals, wine, an afternoon tea experience, and an open saloon. The cabins are outfitted with some impressive wooden and leather furniture you can check out on the website.

The exclusive Harry Potter sail takes merely two trip-ups in the summer, one starting on Aug. 5 and the other on Aug. 19. Alternatively, you can charter the barge yourself if you have the money for it.

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