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By - bbqGuru

A bot tried to predict the script for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 and it’s actually pretty spot-on

Image: hbo

April 2019 is just too damn long to wait for the eight and final season of Game of Thrones. I mean, you can only rewatch the Lannister Drogon BBQ episode from Season 7 so many times while comprising out for another full year.

But don’t worry. A hero has emerged from the flames to cast a illumination and objective our long, dark nighttime. And it’s an algorithm.

The folks at Botnik Studios, a squad of artists and developers, heard our pleas and set their technological magic to employ. They made a script for Episode 1 of Season 8 employing predictive text AI that learned everything from previous Game of Thrones scripts. And candidly, the result is not only eerily spot-on, but perhaps more entertaining than any other Game of Thrones episode to date.

Here’s the full “script, ” and we dare you to try and find a single flaw in this masterpiece :P TAGEND

Image: botnik studios

It’s hard to pick favorites, but here are some of the stand out moments from this revealing episode :P TAGEND

Varys’ characteristically candid rating that, “Morals are like balls …. I find myself totally without them.”

Euron, lord of motherfucker, taking up hair-braiding for Yara.

We’re calling it now: “We’re only fating around like cats in a palace! ” is the new “I drink and I know things.” Pre-order your t-shirts today.

Predictably, Bran’s ability to see all continues to be useless, as gazes into the future to assure everyone that, “we are all still friends then.”

[ Jon is being beautiful and looking hard at things] pretty much sums up the entirety of Kit Harrigton’s acting over the past seven seasons.

Dany adds another name to her epithet, but she actually only wants is a fairly chair

Let’s call it a day and supplant all of Jon’s future lines with: “I am guilty of never having fun”

Cersei’s exceedingly on-brand new pet: a fowl skeleton.

Qyburn licking his lips and touching the ground “in a sex way” is more true to his character in the books than anything we’ve learnt on screen.

SPOILER ALERT: Davos’ true-life connection to onions isn’t smuggling, but conversation.

Dany, a few episodes too late, realise, “I will journey a dragon even if you don’t want me to! “

SPOILER ALERT: Tormund doesn’t make it after the White Walkers destroyed the wall, but still refuses to bend the knee as an undead zombie because FREE FOLK ARE METAL AS HELL.