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9 things you didn’t know about Nickelodeon’s green slime

Green slime is practically synonymous with Nickelodeon: The icky substance is the ultimate symbol of the children’ television network. It can find anywhere that carries the studio’s logo, from Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards( where celebrities are usually surprised by a face-full of the green-stuff) to the channels favorite classic depicts. We only can’t stop being intrigued by the gross, green, gooey goodness. For all the sludge devotees out there, here are nine interesting realities you should know about the original Nickelodeon slime.

9 fascinating facts about Nickelodeon slime

1) Nickelodeon’s iconic green gunk wasn’t born in the U.S.

Green slime stimulated its debut on You Can’t Do That on Television, a Canadian sketch been demonstrated that aired from 1979 -1 990. Roger Price, the show’s creator, slimed kids for saying,” I don’t know ,” simply because he found it bothering. Eventually, cast members were awarded bonus pays of $25 or $50 extra dollars for getting doused in the green stuff, when they are complained of getting drenched too often. Nickelodeon recognise the crazy popularity of the You Can’t Do That On Television slime fests, and it incorporated the idea into the 1986 trivia game show Double Dare.

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