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By - ZsClarc

30+ Pointlessly Gendered Products That We Cant Believe Exist

Gender has been a hotly debated topic for some time now. For some people this is great, in-depth discussions about the injustices and societal imbalances caused by outdated gender norms are long overdue. For others it is unnecessary, virtue-signaling nonsense that get in accordance with the rules of more pressing issues. If you have any doubts concerning gender, only look inside your gasps and carry on with your life.

Of course this is overly simplistic. But no matter where you stand on the myriad rulings and debates swirling around on matters of gender, you can have a laugh at this list be established by Bored Panda. Because companies and their marketing departments ought to have manipulating us for years, playing on our anxieties and ill-conceived notions of gender stereotypes to make a quick buck, we compiled a list of the most transparent, ludicrous examples for your viewing pleasure.

From man-pickles, to examples of identical products, except for one being pink and more expensive only … because, this list will leave you wondering why all this is necessary in this day and age. Scroll down to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!