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Teenager convinces her gullible friends that Starbucks has a new secret drink

It seems like every time a Starbucks trends dies, another one immediately takes its place. Anyone recollect the Unicorn Frappuccino?

One clevery Twitter user decided to have a little fun with that.

Seventeen-year-old Laylah, posted a Snapchat of her blue Gatorade in a Starbucks cup this week. Of course, this peaked a few of her followers’ curiosity, prompting them to ask how they too can enjoy such an aesthetically pleasing beverage.

And thus, the Frappajappajooza was born 😛 TAGEND

Frappajappajooza sounds like a great name for a jazz band to be honest.

People on Twitter absolutely loved how easy it was for Laylah to prank her friends and the tweet promptly moved viral. Some were even inspired by her idea.

Can “weve been” blame people for believing this was real? It’s not entirely far-fetched. Nevertheless, job well done Laylah.

But we beg of you, do not annoy your baristas by ordering a Frappajappajooza. Just tell them it’s from the secret menu.

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Ed Sheeran promises a cooking date with ‘Bake Off’ contestant

Val Stones from Great British Bake Off is on a mission to meet her favorite vocalist, Ed Sheeran.

The beloved GBBO opponent took to her Twitter in an attempt to grab the singer’s attention.

She called a dessert after him.

She danced to his music while clearing toffee.

She reflected on his texts while egg bathing pastry.

And got a response from the man himself.

A follower detected Val’s affinity for the vocalist and asked if there was something between the two, to which she replied 😛 TAGEND

It seems that Val’s tries didn’t get unnoticed by the singer, who cast Val a personal video content. In the video, Ed tells her that he affection her and that she’s excellent. He also suggests that they should cook together sometime.

Val posted the video message to her Twitter.

What a successful safarus! Val is just one step a little bit closer to get her face-to-face with the hotshot.

Fingers spanned they meet in a kitchen. We would love to see Val school the vocalist a thing or two about the prowes of baking.

( H/ T Twitter Moments)

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Gordon Ramsay Answers Cooking Questions From Twitter

WIRED fetches the concoct with the most wonderful humour together with the social media path with the wittiest consumers. Gordon Ramsay refuting cooking questions got around a million views already on YouTube.

“Gordon Ramsay uses the influence of Twitter to answer some common cooking questions.”

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