San Diego Brewery Makes Beer From Treated Sewage Water

San DiegosStone Brewing ,~ ATAGEND the nations ninth-largest brewery, has unveiled a brew reached with treated waste water.

The recycled-water pale ale is called Full Circle.Stone stirred five casks of the brewusing water treated at thecitys Pure Water demonstration plant, according to the Times of San Diego.

San Diego officials hope to purify enough recycled water by 2035 to handle one-third of the citys drinking water supply.

Stones chief operating officer, Pat Tiernan, said the purified recycled water is actually better than what the brewery employs now.

This particular water will precisely help us not involve so much better natural water to come in and throw us a more reliable source, Tiernan told San Diego 6. So for us to be able to reuse, thats part of our mantra, thats part of “what were doing”, Tiernan said.

Brewer Steve Gonzalez, who formed Full Circle, admits being skeptical at first but alleges it ceased up being one of his favorites.

Full Circle is not currently for sale, but Stone Brewing execs are flush with expectation.

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