Two South Carolina men charged after forcing alligator to drink beer

( CNN ) Two South Carolina soldiers each appearance a harassment indict after depicts surfaced on social media presenting them pouring beer down the throat of an alligator, dominions said. Read more: http :// 2017/05/ 27/ us/ south-carolina-alligator-forced-to-drink-beer-trnd/ index.html

“I like beer, and trowing tomahawks…You gotta do what you gotta do.”

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World’s biggest metal festival gets massive pipeline of 400,000 litres of beer

Metal fronts are building a 7-km long, underground grapevine to move 400,000 litres of beer to a festival in north Germany. SEE ALSO: Watch Korn’s 12 -year-old bassist casually shred in his tour introduction No, that’s not a line from…

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